Interview in Giverny - Lycée Porte de Normandie

Interview in Giverny

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Today, we went to Giverny to visit the house of Claude Monet and the garden. We have spoken with the american people and asked them to improve our english. The Americans were very nice, open-minded and answered our questions.They say the French are nice and very polite. I liked speaking with them because it was very interesting. Finally, the garden of Claude Monet are so beautiful.

Antoine and Manon

Today, we visited Claude Monet’s garden and house. His garden is beautiful because it has got a lot of flowers. In his house, they are a lot of paintings about his garden or his children. Oscar-Claude Monet, was born on the 14th of november, 1840 in Paris and died on the 5th of december, in 1926 when he was 86 years old in Giverny. He’s a French artist and painter of the impressionnist movement.

We liked the garden because the flowers were beautiful. But we didn’t like the food and the house because they stank of old things.
We interviewed people about their origins and some people were not friendly.

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Lisa and Marceline

This morning, we asked a lot of questions that we had prepared yesterday for the english - american tourists. People were very great and funny. They accepted to answer our question, they came from different states, they thought France is most beautiful and French people are charming and funny.
After, we ate our lunch. It was not very good... (dog food...)
This afternoon, we visited gardens of Claude Monet, they were very pretty, there were many different flowers with a lot of colors.
Later, we visited the house of Claude Monet, they were many painting and prints exposed in the house.The painting represented the gardens and the Monet’s family.
To finish, we took many photographs with everybodys.
It is a beautiful day !

Amandine and Julie

Today, we woke up at half past seven. We ate breakfast at eight past fifeteen and we left for Giverny.

We interviewed Americans tourists. We questioned visitors, American and English on the street.

We stopped in the coffee shop to go to the toilet and to look kittens.

Before the visit, we ate a picnic in the grass.

We visited the garden of Giverny and the house of Claude Monet. The gardens are nice and the house of Claude Monet too. In the gardens, there are a lot of flowers, waterlilys, fowls, turkeys and colors.

In the house of Claude Monet, there are a lot painting and photographs. There was a second floor. In the kitchen, there is beautiful tiling. The gas stove is in copper and the saucepan too.

We took a lot of pictures.

Julien and Victoria

This morning, we arrived in Giverny about half past ten. We had to interview English speakers in the street : their feelings about France, what they visited, where they live in America or in England. We didn’t meet people from England, just from America. Most of the time, they came from California, Texas and Florida. Some people came from Ohio and Hilton Head Island, SC . They were all very nice people and even when they had’nt got the time, they wish us good luck. We asked their opinion about French monuments, foods, people, their stay in Giverny. Some people came from America by planes to Paris, they arrived in Paris, they went to Honfleur and then continue by boat with the Grand Circle Cruise, they visited many ohter countries. Tomorrow, these people will meet French from Vernon to see how they live.

Laurine, Tess, and Solène

Yesterday, we have prepared questions for tourist about their trip in France.
Today, we arrived in Giverny. We have interviewed English tourist. Some of them didn’t answer because they didn’t have the time. Other have answered these following questions :
What are you doing in France ?
What do you think about French people ?
Do you like French cooking ? (snails, frogs, baguette)
Do you like fFench architecture ?
What have you visited in France ?
How long did you stay in France ?
Where do you come from ?

Tourists were nice and friendly, it was fun to speak with them.

After, we had lunch by bus’ shade. In the picnic there were :
crisps :)
salads o_O
bread  :)
apple sauce ^^
small cookies:D

We visited the garden and Monet’s house. They were a lot of beautiful flowers. It’s smelt good. We took photos on the famous bridge. The place was AMAZING. We saw bambous, roses, dahlias, pansies, big chickens, waterlily pond, a river...
In the house there were many painting, big beds.

Camilia and Clare

So, today we were at Giverny in Normandy. We went with the bus for one hour and half. we arrived around ten o’clock at the village where Claude Monet lived. So after we made groups we had to meet some people who lived in England, Canada or America. The day before, we had prepared questions to ask about their country, what they thought about France and the Indepedence day. First, with my group ( the warriors ) we stopped people who talk in English next to the garden of Claude Monet and we asked them our questions. People were very great and open-minded to reply to our questions. They gave us some annecdotes about their life, their country, their point of view. That was very interesting to discover something different. Some people came from California, Maryland, Great Britan... After that, we went to eat next to the parking, the weather was very very hot ! In the end of our meal, we had go to the garden and the house of Claude Monet. There was a lot of flowers, colors, peaceful, a lot of differents of flowers... It smelt very nice ! There was waterlilies, a little river, trees and some animals. We took a lot of pictures with our friends and we had free time near to a little place with many benches with our friends where we laughed, talked and listened to music. After that we went to visit the house of the very famous Claude Monet. That’s very impressive to think that Claude Monet lived and made his famous painting there ! That’s a very old house and there was a lot of his painting hanging on the wall. And at four o’clock, we had to be at the bus for go back to school and prepare the next day.


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